Improved eye hand coordination

 improved mind body coordination

 Faster response times 

 Improved executive function

 Improved focus & attention

 Faster efficient information processing

 Accelerated learning

 Increased productivity

 Better & easier decision making

 Increased accuracy

 Burnout protection

 Increased energy

 Improved open & closed focus

 Increased presence

 Less reactivity

 Reduced anxiety & stage fright

 Impulse control

 Maintain calm and flow

 More alert

 Better endurance

 Faster recovery

 Calmer mind

 Increased body awareness

 Mood stability

 Increased self-control

 Smoother action, less body impact


 Effortless resolution of old wounds & issues

 Trauma recovery

 Grief recovery


 Quiet mind

 Improved cognitive functioning

 Better & easier decision making

 More presence

 Improved self esteem

 Personal stability

 Increased self-confidence and assertiveness

 Mood stability

 Improved mood

 Development of emotional intelligence

 Improved sleep

 Better problem solving

 Impulse control

 Less reactivity

 More control

 Increased psychological energy

 Resolution of psychological conditions

 Improved memory 

 Improved relationships

 Increased immunity to stress

 Enhanced wellbeing


 Calmer mind

 Increase mindfulness

 Less prone to absorption

 Increased awareness

 Improved meditation

 Mood stability

 Greater awareness of energy

 Transformational awareness

 Awareness of spiritual feeling

 Insight & understanding

 Awareness of connection

 Impulse control

 More centred

 Increased presence

 Greater sense of direction

 Understanding flow

 Increased control

 Ability to let go/release


 Smoother transition

 Fluid emotional processing

 Transitional fluidity

 Ease of acceptance


Benefits of Neuro/Biofeedback Treatments:

  • Increased awareness results in a mindfulness that further enhances healing, learning, improvement and transformation.
    • People using Neurofeedback have experienced relief from a vast array of psychological, emotional & medical conditions along with considerable personal and spiritual growth.
  • Increased stability, flexibility, adaptability, and greater resilience of Central nervous system functioning.
    • Neurofeedback is also widely used by people whom want to increase physical and mental performance, such as athletes, sportsmen, businessmen, musicians, performers, and students.